It's 2k17 and I'm sure you're wondering the same things I am, why do I have to do anything? What happened to this ~~dys~~utopian future where computers were supposed to do everything for me?

This talk will demonstrate how to automate real life to get us one step closer to becoming the fat, lazy, inept humans in the movie Wall-E. We will start with an everyday problem at the Speak Easy, a local co-working space serving as a microcosm of any community or city, and show the process of building an IoT (Internet of Things) application from ideation to execution, using Python, microPython, and hopefully even Rust at every step along the way.

Time permitting we will do a pros/cons, compare/contrast between the different platforms, languages, paradigms, and dive into the deeper how all of these affect the product lifecycle from idea to production including security implications.

There is also a 99% chance of hearing how one speaker believes that IoT can impact your life and change the world in a very positive way.