This session takes a deep dive into the performance space as it relates to ASP.NET Server Side Code issues, geared towards assisting those that know their code is not performing as well as it should, but unsure of where to start. A methodical process will be introduce that will help to guide users through the diagnostic process, regardless of the toolsets used. Various tools will be discussed, including built in Visual Studio Tools, third-party tools, and third-party monitoring solutions to illustrate the methods available to get the information needed, the specific tools are not important, but the resultant data.

Attendees will learn high-level concepts of performance optimization including the concept of benchmarking, controlling environmental states, and validation that test scenarios are real-world. After attending the session, regardless of the toolsets available at work attendees should have a better understanding of how to approach, and resolve, their performance issues. Real-world examples, and data will be outlined.