Maybe you think you're using Kanban now, but are you just tracking tasks in big ugly list? Kanban's focus on Flow, Work in Process, Visualization, and Continuous Improvement requires a change of mindset. With Kanban, teams must prioritize completion of work, maximize effort, and constantly increase efficiency. Where Kanban can provide the most value is in dealing with unplanned work, competing priorities, and unknown variables at project start. Examples of these types of projects include:

  • Legacy projects migrating to a cloud platform
  • Budgets shifting towards newer investments
  • A new merger brings on new properties
  • Existing projects have shifted into an end-of-life, but not end-of-support phase

Or maybe, you're a support desk, service desk, or an on-call workforce for production issues. Kanban allows teams to learn from the work completed and pivot out of the chaos of all urgent requests all the time.