Mobile application development does not need to be difficult for us Web Developers. No longer do we need to learn a whole slew of new programming languages to create a mobile application. We can use our existing skills and create mobile applications with Html, JavaScript, and CSS. Then deploy to Android and iOS devices using a single code base that looks, feels, and performs like a native mobile application.

Between Cordova, Ionic, and Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova you won't have to worry about the infrastructure setup or making the UI look, feel and perform correctly on the slew different Apple and Android devices that your users will have. You will be able to focus on your business logic and greatly reduce your time to market.

In this talk we will dive into what it takes to get started, look at the features of the Ionic framework and finish off by creating a sample application with the Ionic framework. You will walk away from this talk with all of the tools that you need to deliver your first mobile application.