Do you sometimes find yourself frustrated at the sheer audacity of designers making completely design-centric decisions, throwing all sorts of documentation and rocks over the fence, all the while completely oblivious to just how many holes they're making in your windows? Do you feel that they might as well be speaking in Lorem Ipsum to you? When you say something to them, are they just getting an error 404 message back?

It doesn’t have to be that way! In this talk, you will learn about the fundamental differences in the perspectives of designers and developers and how we might tap into those differences to strengthen the way we work together. You will learn techniques and exactly what to say to take steps towards breaking down silos and becoming involved in the design process while also involving designers in the development process. As a result, you will open the floor up to educating each other and avoiding resentment by working close together in interdisciplinary teams with a unified end goal in mind, finishing on time and on budget (living the dream!).