In this beginner level talk we'll go over the common asynchronous patterns available in .NET. We'll focus on the Thread Parallel Library (TPL), Parallel Linq (PLINQ) and the new async/await keywords introduced in .NET 4.5. We'll discuss when to use these patterns and when not to.

This talk will focus on the basics of the thread parallel library, the async/await keywords, and PLINQ (parallel LINQ). We'll offer an explanation of when to use each method in the real world, the possible pitfalls to using each, and various tips to a successful implementation. We will also go over the general benefits of asynchronous code to user's application and the types of benefits they can expect to see. Finally, attendees will be warned of ways to avoid deadlocks and performance issues when using asynchronous .NET code as well as the basics of debugging asynchronous code.